Popular 2018 Original Fixate Gel Pad FLOURISH LAMA 2 Set
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Popular 2018 Original Fixate Gel Pad FLOURISH LAMA 2 Set

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Jakarta Utara
5th of October 2018 at 8:04 PM
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POWERFUL DRIVE: Strong adsorption ability, everything can stick, without any vestige when remove it. USE FRIENDLY: Toss lightly, it goes to the wall easily, pull whatever you like. STRONG PRACTICALITY: It can be cycling used after water cleaning. You don’t need replace it at any time. WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Not only for mobile phone or car, but also for all aspects in life, such as glasses, pen, cable, potted, etc. WHAT YOU GEt: 2 pieces nano rubber pad, you can take it for family even travel. Keep recipes at eye level by sticking your phone sticker to your kitchen cabinets while cooking Dock your phone right on your computer screen while you’re working. Let your kids watch a video together with the phone sticker stuck to a near-by surface. Stick your phone to a smooth, flat surface in your car for hands-free use Stick your phone sticker to your headboard to keep your alarm close by. Keep your phone off the floor, out of your pocket and within reach while you workout. Note When the self-adhesive becomes dusty, please clean the surface with a little water. After 5 minutes, it will restore adhesiveness.

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