NEW BlitzWolf® BW-LT5 IP68 Waterproof LED Lamp Light 2600mAh Powerbank Emergency Camping Light

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 BlitzWolf® BW-LT5 IP68 Waterproof LED Lamp Light 2600mAh Powerbank Emergency Camping Light





Model BW-LT5
Input 5V/1A (Max)
Output 5V/1.5A (Max)
Wattage 1W(Max)
Charging Port Micro USB
Battery Li-on battery 2600mAh
Lumen 100LM(Max)
Led Lifetime 36000 hours
Net Weight 130g
 Dimension 36 x 143mm (Diameter x Height)


·Electronic Led chips, high brightness and power saving.
·High strength PC lampshade, strong pressure and impact resistance.
·60 hours runtime for continued illumination in "Low White Light" mode.
·Adjustable 5 brightness levels, red and white lighting to meet camping need.
·Built-in 2600mAh battery, power bank function for outdoor emergency use.
·Designed for standing different weather conditions, more fit to use it outdoor activities.
·IP68 waterproof function, pass 2m waterproof test, and can also put it up to 10m underwater.
·Smart battery indicator from led flash, more clearly know about power status, and can charge in time.

Power Bank:
BlitzWolf® BW-LT5 is equipped with 2600mAh Li-on battery, it can be used
as a power bank to charge your mobile devices, or any other USB devices. 

P68 water resistance makes the BlitzWolf® BW-LT5 pass 2 meter waterproof test,
and it is also suitable to use up to 10 meter underwater.

Long Battery Life:
It can be up to 60 hours of continues illumination in “Low White Light” Mode from 
2600mAh internal battery. 
Drop and Pressure Resistance:

Resisting drops from up to 3 meters and pressures of 72kg, ensure that the 
BlitzWolf® BW-LT5 can survive in the roughest outdoor environments.

Package Included:
1 x BlitzWolf® BW-LT5 Waterproof LED Lamp
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Operation Manual

1 x Lanyards
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